Lady Reads: Little Bee by Chris Cleave

20 Jul

Little BeeThis is the story of two women…According to the back cover, I have been sworn to secrecy on the plot. But if you did or didn’t read Little Bee this summer, here is what you should take away from Chris Cleave‘s New York Times Bestseller.

Money = Power

“Most days I wish I was a British pound coin instead of an African girl.” (p.1.)

Money is bilingual, accepted and welcomed everywhere. Cash is comforting, elusive and transformative. Most importantly, money yields freedom.

Be prepared

“The Queen and me, we are ready for the worst. In public you will see both of us smiling and sometimes even laughing, but if you were a man who looked at us in a certain way we would both of us make sure we were dead before you could lay a single finger on our bodies. Me and the Queen of England, we would not give you the satisfaction.” (p. 50)

No matter her rank, a lady watches her own back and is prepared to sacrifice in order to maintain her dignity. Whether the threat is deportation or dethroning.

Men ain’t sh*t

The men came and they… That was how all of our stories started.” (p. 79)

History gives men a bad name – the Great Depression (men), 9/11 (men), current economic whirlwind (men). Don’t let the bogus boyfriends and dead-beat daddies getcha.

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